I Pearce 11/16ths Stub Tail


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Vintage Sheffield Cutthroat Straight Razor

Razor: I Pearce 11/16ths Stub Tail / Near Wedge.

Scales: Cow Horn.

Wedge: Lead.

Pinning: Brass Rosette Collars / Brass Pins.

Edge: A Full Nagura Progression Performed on a Nakayama Maruka Karasu.

Details: This John Pearce Stub Tail Wedge Straight Razor Is Around 200 Years Old. Tang Stamped I Pearce Silver Steel. Translucent Golden Horn Scales With a Crown & 2 Inlaid. Also Scratched Into a Scale, The Name Of a Person. This Classic Piece Of History Takes a Great Edge, The Steel Qualities Are That Of Classic Sheffield Razors Giving a Sharp Yet Soft Feeling Edge. The Blade Was Restored With A Minimal Amount Of Work To Preserve Its Original Shape, Weight And Given A Satin Finish.

Hone Wear & Pitting (See Pictures or Please Ask)

The Shave Test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSxnnk6Esbc&t=576s