John Pitts 6/8ths


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Vintage Sheffield Cutthroat Straight Razor

Razor: John Pitts Celebrated Razor 6/8ths

Scales: Horn / Brass Inlay.

Wedge: Lead.

Pinning: Brass Pins & Collars / Brass Internal Washers.

Edge: A Full Nagura Progression Performed on a Ozuku Karasu.

Details: This John Pitts Straight Razor Is A Great Piece Of History Around 190 Years Of Age. . Scalloped Spine On One Side Only / Tang Stamped “John Pitts Celebrated Razor”. A Heavy / Lengthy Near Wedge Blade With A Satin Finish. Pinned Tightly With Bulbous Peening For A Nicer Look.

Hone Wear & Pitting (See Pictures or Please Ask)