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The Napoleon & Paragon Razors, Chemically Tempered & Engaged To Retain a Fine & Durable Edge.

Manufactured  Only By John & William Ragg Nursery Street Sheffield.

Maker: John & William Ragg The Napoleon Razor

Scales: Natural

Wedge: Metallic

Pinning: Nickel Silver

Honing: Ozuku Kiita Nagura Progression

Grind: Near Wedge

Blade Width: 6/8ths (19.5mm)

Edge Length: 7cm

Toe – Tail Length: 14cm

Total Weight: 50 Grams

Details: This Beautiful Straight Razor Is Mirror Finished. Intricate Spine With Rare Concave Grind. Front Scale Has Small Exterior Fissure Pivot End Which Called For Vintage Style Stabilizing With Pinned Steel Plates. The Razor Is Tang Stamped “The Napoleon Razor John & William Ragg Makers Sheffield” Dated Around 1850 The Razor Spent Its Life In The Manufacturers Display Case. The Quality Of Craftsmanship Is Unequaled by Todays Standards Of Razor Making.
John & William Ragg Were One Of The Few Cutlers Producing Their Own Steel.
This Steel Is Strong But Not Brittle.

The Lineage Of This Family & Razor Making Dated From 1601 To 1977.


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