Wade & Butcher FBU


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Vintage Sheffield Cutthroat Straight Razor

Maker: Wade & Butcher

Scales: Buffalo Horn

Wedge: Buffalo Horn Lined With Stainless Steel

Pinning: Nickel Silver Solid Collars and Pins

Honing: Full Nagura Slurry Progression On a Nakayama Maruka Karasu

Grind: Half Hollow

Blade Width: 1'1/18ths (28mm)

Edge Length: 7.5cm

Toe – Tail Length: 15.7cm

Total Weight: 101 Grams

Details: This Very Large & Heavy Wade & Butcher Has a Blade Shape Rarely Seen. The Face Reads "The Celebrated Hollow Ground Razor For Barbers Use" "B Arrow Cross". The Tang Reads "Manufactured Wade & Butcher Sheffield". The Face Has Some Light Scaring Under Certain Lights & Angles. No Hone Wear.

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