Ozuku Kiita



Your straight razor will be honed using a natural progression that uses up to six different Nagura stones performed on this Ozuku Kiita. This Nagura progression starts with a Tsushima or Botan and is followed through with Tenjou, Mejiro, Koma and Tomo. Each Nagura stone will be used to make a slurry on the Ozuku Kiita. This slurry is then worked, thinned, diluted and repeated until the Honemeister feels it is time for the next Nagura stone slurry. Eventually finishing with a Tomo Nagura which is carefully selected by the Honemeister, depending on the qualities of the steel. This progression is time-consuming but leads to longer-lasting edges that are extremely sharp and totally smooth.

This rare and beautiful stone is yellow turning orange when wet. It originates from a transitional strata layer leading to a Suita strata layer which explains the stones patterning. This stone is very hard with the finest particle sizes. It is capable of delivering perfect edges both sharp and smooth.

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