Parkin Acier Fondu 7/8ths


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Vintage Sheffield Cutthroat Straight Razor

Razor: Parkin Stub Tail Acier Fondu 7/8ths

Scales: Horn.

Wedge: Lead.

Pinning: Silver Domed Collars / Brass Pins

Edge: Synthetic Honing To a Yellow Green Escher Finish.

Details: This Near Wedge Stub Tail Dates to the late 1700’s. This Straight Razor Received The Lightest Of Restorations To Preserve The Original Shape And Weight Of The Blade. Tang Stamped “Parkin Acier Fondu” 7/8ths At Its Widest Point With Excellent Geometry & Steel Qualities Which Gives a Very Soft Feeling Edge. A Great Piece Of History In Great Condition.