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How to maintain your Vintage Razor

As you may have worked out from visiting our website, here at Edge Dynamics, we are passionate about Vintage Razors, as we believe you should be too.

The feel, closeness, and comfort of a vintage razor are difficult (if not impossible) for the gimmicky modern-day razor to match, but how do we make sure that we keep our razors performing at their best?

Well, depending on how much work needs to be done, we recommend and can carry out 3 different procedures so that the results are 2nd to none. These procedures are based on the condition of your razor, some blades need a thorough cleaning, some need to be sanitized and others need our complete restoration service. These aspects will not just improve your razor’s performance, but will also stop skin irritation and infection.


Cleaning your Vintage Razor

Regular cleaning of your razor is a great way to maintain its performance. And, in most cases, it’s something you could do at home. Hot Soapy water, a toothbrush, and a towel is a good starting point. If you don’t have a toothbrush, please don’t use a brush that could potentially scratch your blade, your need something that However, if this doesn’t get you the results you are looking for, use the link here to contact us for some more expert advice. Finally, you do want to dry the blade thoroughly to stop rust

Sanitizing your Razor

Sanitizing is one step over cleaning, as it gets rid of all bacteria on the blade, which means fewer skin infections and irritations. Again, this can be done from home, but some of the tools you need may or may not be so readily available. There are a number of things that can get rid of germs on your blade, including boiling water, lemon juice, (germs hate the juice), and also alcohol. If you are concerned that about discolouring the handle or anything else, and would like to speak to us for advice, again, use this link to speak to us.

Restoring your Razor

To give one method of restoration is impossible as each razor needs to be inspected before diagnosing what is specifically needed.

At Edge Dynamics, we follow a detailed procedure that every one of our customers loves.

First of all, we need to know if we restore the original scales, or create bespoke new ones. To determine this, we strip the blade, ready for inspection so we can make a decision on the best cause of action.

If we decide that the blade can be restored, it is submerged in neat’s foot oil for a minimum of one week, but normally longer, allowing us to resurrect the horn, as it does become brittle over time.

If the scales need to be replaced with new ones, the scales are all created as completed bespoke. We don’t use exact measurements, as we believe that beauty lies within the uniqueness of design. It takes many hours to shape, form and create the scales and we keep to the highest standards of quality and experience which all our work is known for.

Our custom wedges rely on my years of experience and techniques. We are really proud of the quality we are able to produce thanks to the time and effort we have put into this aspect through the years.

The blade itself undergoes several rigorous procedures to get it back to its original outstanding performance. First of all, we give it a light grind to remove any imperfections and rust. It is then introduced to the buffer, where we ensure the original intended look is back. This could be a shiny mirror or a more subtle satin finish.

Restoring the correct balance to your razor requires all three of these aspects working together perfectly and then constructing them into one unit. Our experience and expertise have told us what perfection looks and feels like so that when you handle your restored razor, you sense a new comfort, balance and quality. Many times the pining has to be adjusted so that it’s precise and the opening and closing has a luxurious feel to it.

Finally, the razor is honed. Normally on Japanese natural stones. This should leave the edge soft yet sharp which allows for a close shave with no irritations.

honing services

Our Process

Since every blade is unique, we treat each razor with individual attention. We select the perfect stones for your blade type and condition. Our talented Honemeister works with both synthetic water hones, and quality natural hones that include Japanese Natural Stones, and Nagura progressions. These high-quality stones, paired with expert craftsmanship, ensure the perfect razor edge. Stropping is performed on Suede, Linen and then Shell Cordovan for an exceptional edge.
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honing services

Our Services



For quality straight razors, we offer either a natural or a synthetic progression, finished on a hone of your choice. Our Honemeister is a master at using both natural and synthetic stones to achieve the best results.

Restoration & Customization

Restoration & Customization

We offer a full restoration and customisation service for your straight razor. This includes grinding, buffing, re-scaling, pinning, edge correction and more. We take care to return all vintage blades to their former glory.


Purchase Vintage Razors

Edge Dynamics sells a range of vintage and classic straight razors. Our collection of beautiful vintage blades from around the world, many of which are Sheffield Steel, have all been lovingly and meticulously restored.

honing services

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