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The Napoleon & Paragon Razors, Chemically Tempered & Engaged To Retain a Fine & Durable Edge.

Manufactured  Only By John & William Ragg Nursery Street Sheffield.

Maker: John & William Ragg The Paragon Razor

Scales: Natural

Wedge: Metallic

Pinning: Nickel Silver

Honing: Ozuku Kiita Nagura Progression

Grind: Near Wedge

Blade Width: 13/16ths (20mm)

Edge Length: 7cm

Toe – Tail Length: 14.5cm

Total Weight: 58 Grams

Details: This Beautiful Razor Is Something To Behold. Mirror Finished With Ornate Hand Carved Scales. Tang Stamped  ” The Paragon Razor John & William Ragg Makers Sheffield” Dated Around 1850 This Razor Is Unused & Spent Its Life In The Manufacturers Display Case. The Quality Of Craftsmanship Is Unequaled by Todays Standards Of Razor Making. John & William Ragg Were One Of The Few Cutlers Producing Their Own Steel. This Steel Is Strong But Not Brittle.

The Lineage Of This Family & Razor Making Dated From 1601 To 1977.


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