Thater Dual Band Premium Silvertip 28mm


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Dual Band Premium Silvertip Badger 28mm

Handcrafted production of the brush heads in the Thäter Brush Manufacture We have been manufacturing our brush heads in the artisanal tradition of brush making for decades. In the production of the brush heads, we do not use any machine automation. Follow this link on YouTube: This makes each brush unique. Different shapes such as flat, fan, fan-rounded and bulb are only possible with hand-made brush heads and only with hand-made brush heads are the visible hair lengths individually adapted to the handle height and also to customer requirements, not to speak of the various knot diameters that we offer, from 19 – 36 mm. A typical distinguishing feature of machine-made shaving brush heads is on the one hand the visible ring / ferrule, with the help of which the tuft of hair is kept in shape in the shaping sleeve and, on the other hand, the same visible hair length that is predetermined. Every single shaving brush is subjected to a thorough final inspection before it is carefully packaged and shipped. Badger hair qualities used For our purely handcrafted shaving brushes, mainly badger hair qualities in pure “plucking” design are used, in particular these are Badger Silvertip Premium Select in 3 and 2-band versions in lengths from 65 to 90 mm. Only with these lengths are long white tips and a very dark, almost black natural drawing (banding). The term “plucking” represents the highest possible quality level for the different badger hair qualities. For this only hair with a distinctive drawing (banding) is selected and is used here. Of particular note here is the high flexibility of the hair and its particularly soft tips. Much cheaper variants are Best Badger 1st” = predominantly gray badger hair with banding and “Pure Badger” = gray badger hair without banding Handle materials Precious resin (polyethylene) Resin is a high-quality plastic, the longevity of which guarantees high value retention. The manufacture of the high-grade resin handles takes place in coordinated, multi-part work steps. The basic shapes are first worked out individually from solid round bars. The blanks are then deburred and pre-polished in so-called “scrubbing drums” using special polishing granules. Finally, each individual handle is carefully polished by hand, giving it its haptic quality and special shine.


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