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Vintage Sheffield Straight Razor

Maker: Thomas Warburton

Scales: Horn

Wedge: Lead

Pinning: Brass & Steel Collars

Honing: Full Nagura Progression

Grind: Near Wedge

Blade Width: Razor No.1  11/16ths (17.5mm)   /   Razor No.2  5/8ths (16.5mm)

Edge Length: Razor No.1&2 7.5cm

Toe – Tail Length: Razor No.1 17.5cm  /   Razor No.2 16.5cm

Total Weight: Razor No.1 42 Grams  /  Razor No.2 37 Grams

Details: A Pair Of Historic Stub Tail Straight Razors Made By Thomas Warburton Late 1700’s. All Original Parts. A Beautiful & Rare Pair.


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